Active Performance Management

Active Performance Management ensures long-term efficiency of a mechanical system through flow: the informed, data-driven responses to changes in load and system performance.


Real time data to monitor the operational health of the pumping system.


Our UK-patented control logic system.

Real time data is captured by SCADA online connectivity to monitor the operational health of the pumping system, ensuring that the equipment runs efficiently and effectively. Changes in system performance can be detected at an early stage; increasing uptime, lowering maintenance costs, and reducing project risk.

ODIN® (On Demand Intelligence), our patented control logic system, interrogates the individual components in Longwall systems to enhance performance. Using ODIN® technology, movement of the hydraulic roof supports is anticipated in advance, allowing the system to calculate flow requirements and start to ramp up in anticipation using variable speed control, reducing pressure spikes and losses occurring at the coal face.

The predictive nature of ODIN and ten times faster reaction in roof support movements increases available uptime and therefore optimises coal productivity and profitability for mine owners.

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