Longwall Coal

RMI is a leading manufacturer of high pressure pumping systems for mining applications. In longwall coal mining – which uses self-advancing hydraulic roof supports – RMI provides uninterrupted hydraulic power for roof support actuation. We also provide water jetting for dust suppression.

Emulsion Systems

RMI’s fully automated systems deliver hydraulic fluid power to the critical mine roof support system. Our compact integrated design and application of variable speed drive (VSD) technology gives customers the lowest installed cost and energy savings up to 60%. Intelligent control technology overcomes system lags and optimises the speed of continual shearing – for better productivity, availability and uptime.

Dust Suppression

To reduce the risk of dust inhalation at the coal cutting face, RMI has smaller, two-pump systems that deliver continuous water spray to suppress dust particles in the air.

RMI Dust Suppression

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