At RMI, our overhauls are another opportunity to upgrade our customers’ high-pressure pumping solutions with the latest materials and technology.  

Continuous improvement 

RMI strives to improve the quality, reliability and performance of our products, using state-of-the-art design, materials and technology. For customers, this means getting the very latest components with the highest specifications – effectively upgrading your equipment during each overhaul.  


Our quality pumping solutions allow extended operating periods between upgrades, making sure customers achieve enhanced productivity from their equipment. 


These upgrades facilitate longer working life, for the lowest total cost of ownership. 

Planning ahead 

For peak performance and longevity, RMI helps customers schedule and implement a structured maintenance plan, with kits and modules to streamline the process. 

On-site assessment 

Our expert team of engineers can conduct a full on-site assessment of your equipment needs, with technical recommendations to enhance performance and reliability. 

Service centres 

In addition to conducting on-site upgrades, RMI has conveniently located service centres where your equipment can be maintained off-site. These centres offer full strip-down reports and detailed quotations, giving you complete control of costs at all times. 


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