Assuring customers of quality and reliability, all RMI pumps undergo rigorous testing before delivery – conducted in-house at our manufacturing facility in Manchester, United Kingdom. Our local facilities in core markets including China are also equipped to test equipment after servicing, repairs or upgrades. 

Test cells 

Dedicated test cells put equipment and components through as many as two million pump cycles (up to 160 hours) in testing.  

Testing capacity 

Each cell can accommodate up to three RMI high pressure pumps, ensuring that extended periods of testing do not compromise our production rates. 

Data driven 

Temperatures, pressures, speeds and other indicators are measured, generating data that is carefully reviewed and analysed by our engineering team. 

Detailed inspection 

RMI’s inspection team tests new components extensively against conformance criteria before incorporation in our designs. Any improvements are thoroughly tested before being introduced to the market. 


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