With the sustainability message coming through strongly once again at the recent METEC International Metallurgical Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, the steel sector continues to display confidence and pride in its key role as a driver of sustainable economic growth.

Sean Heary – Global Sales Manager, Mining and Industrial

RMI Pressure Systems’ Sean Heary was at the event, and highlighted the progress being made in developing and applying technologies that reduce the consumption of finite resources and the emission of greenhouse gases. As RMI’s, Global Sales Manager, Mining and Industrial, Heary said METEC is a valuable opportunity to meet likeminded customers and suppliers, and to contribute towards the metallurgical industry’s strategic sustainability goals.

“RMI’s century of experience in designing and manufacturing high pressure reciprocating pumps has allowed our customers to reduce their carbon footprints,” he explained. “Reciprocating pumps are energy-efficient and water-efficient at high pressures, and there are also smart components and controls that can be added to further economise on energy consumption.”

With touchpoints in the steel sector such as the descaling processes of hot rolling mills and the pressurised lubrication of hydrostatic bearings in roughing mill stands, RMI has a global spread of installations supported by local service infrastructure in key markets. The company’s manufacturing hub in Manchester, England, includes an in-house research and development capability to drive continuous innovation of its products and solutions. RMI has operations in the UK, Europe, US, China, India and Australia.

“Generating pressures as high as 350-400 bar, RMI pumps play a vital role in hydromechanical descaling, ensuring that our customers achieve the best possible prices for their steel products,” he said. “Our technology allows this kind of work to be done as efficiently as possible – conserving the use of both energy and water – while delivering optimal performance, reliability and life-span.”

Other contributions that RMI pumps are making on the environmental front include their use in the high pressure washing of air preheat heat exchangers and flue gas desulphurisation units at thermal power stations. The latter, in particular, is used to scale acid rain causing sulphur from flue gas before it is discharged into the atmosphere. RMI’s bespoke design high pressure wash units allow for the safe and efficient cleaning of these critical pieces of equipment, to allow power plants to remain highly productive and within regulation.

Platforms like the METEC exhibition provide the opportunity to engage personally with existing and prospective customers, said Heary, building relationships and sharing information about the latest technology developments. He noted that METEC was also a useful forum to meet new suppliers, which was important in growing a robust and cost-effective supply chain, especially as RMI looks to engage more local supply partners in its business.