Rental Units

Rental Units

RMI makes its high-pressure reciprocal pumping systems available for rental. These units are fitted with RMI’s proven S300 Trimax pump, driven by an on-board 110 kW electric motor. While this delivers a duty of 202 l/min at 208 bar, RMI can design systems to suit specific customer requirements. 

In longwall mining, these rental units facilitate the efficient moving of longwall equipment and save valuable time. Mines usually hire these versatile RMI units in pairs; one unit will power down the roof supports shields at the old coalface, while the other is used to power up the shields at the new face. Customers have even used these units in their own underground workshops. 

RMI rental units are fully flameproof and MDG41 compliant, and there is strobe lighting when in operation. A dump valve is installed on each unit, as well as remote start-stop facility. The units are set up for raw or premixed solution, and training is supplied to customers along with all documentation. 


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