The future of RMI Pressure Systems in the Chinese mining sector looks even brighter following the company’s achievement of MA certification to manufacture its world-renowned pumps locally in China.

Sabrina Zhang, Director for Aftermarket Sales, Services and RMI Operations in China, said this is a game-changing development that will open the door to increased sales of its quality equipment. RMI Pressure Systems is a global leader in high pressure and high volume fluid pumping stations, with over a century’s experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting this technology.

“RMI has been a leader in supplying premium quality pump stations to Chinese underground mines for more than 30 years,” said Zhang. “Our local manufacturing capability – certified by the MA Centre – will give us greater opportunity to build on our strong reputation in China.”

The MA Centre is the Chinese agency responsible for approving and certifying the safety of mining products before they can be used underground. RMI’s success in the Chinese market has to date been based on a relatively small number of international public tenders, she pointed out. With the MA certification, the company is now enabled to participate in potentially hundreds of local tenders each year.

“Our certified manufacturing facility in Shanghai allows us to approach the whole market, which is a very exciting prospect for us,” she explained. The facility – owned by RMI’s holding company Armstrong Fluid Technologies – is now certified to produce 15 different models of high pressure pump. The rigourous certification process has taken about a year, according to RMI Commercial Director Robert Yang.

“The MA process included the preparation of extensive documentation, as well as site inspections of our facilities,” said Yang. “We were also required to test the flow and pressure of our emulsion pumps and water pumps in our facility.”

The certification binds RMI to manufacture and assemble its pumps in strict compliance with the specifications set out in the documentation, he adds. There is also a facility inspection conducted by the MA Centre every 18 months, to confirm that it remains in line with requirements.

While the market for high pressure pump systems in China has become increasingly competitive, Zhang highlighted that RMI’s pump range remains well known for its quality design, reliability and low total cost of ownership.

“RMI pump systems that we sold to customers over 10 years ago are still being used productively underground, which is testament to their quality and cost-effectiveness,” she said. “This compares very favourably with many competitors, whose pumps may only last two to three years – just enough to complete one or two longwall panels.”

She also pointed to the value of having a three-year duration between overhauls, rather than the much shorter intervals required by some suppliers.

Boosting its localisation strategy with the recent MA certification, RMI is also working more closely with customers to service its existing large pump systems in China. The company emphasises to its customers the importance of scheduled maintenance, providing specially designed component modules and kits.

“This takes the guesswork out of maintenance, as customers will know when certain components need to be replaced,” she explained. “For instance, we recommend that a Grade A overhaul is conducted after each longwall panel, which focuses on the fluid end components.”

Simplifying overhauls for optimal reliability

Regular servicing is the basis of reliable pump operation, so RMI Pressure Systems makes this easier with its overhaul guides for customers with a PM program that is used for the installed base.

To make the overhaul process simpler for customers, RMI has packaged specific service and maintenance kits for each pump, containing the genuine spares that each grade of overhaul will require. When purchasing an RMI emulsion pump or water pump, customers receive a manual which makes it clear which kit to order, and even contains the RMI part codes.

Sabrina Zhang, Director for Aftermarket Sales, Services and RMI Operations in China

Robert Yang, RMI Commercial Director Robert Yang

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