RMI Pressure Systems Shines at CCME 2023 Showcasing Shanghai Facilities and MA Certification in the Heart of China’s Dynamic Coal Mining Sector

Highlighting its new Shanghai facilities and MA certification, reciprocating pump specialist RMI Pressure Systems rubbed shoulders with industry decision-makers at the recent China Coal and Mining Expo (CCME) 2023 in Beijing.

Sabrina Zhang, Director for Aftermarket Sales, Services and RMI Operations in China

According to Sabrina Zhang, Director for Aftermarket Sales, Services and RMI Operations in China, this year’s event reflected a busy and competitive coal mining sector. Zhang said visitors to the company’s exhibition booth responded positively to this year’s approval by the MA Centre of RMI’s local manufacturing facility in Shanghai.

“The CCME delegates we spoke to were pleased to hear more about our local facilities, and looked forward to the continued roll-out of our localisation strategy,” she said. “We are confident that this will further strengthen our established reputation in China for quality and reliability – by improving our turnaround time and competitiveness.”

With the approval by the MA Centre, responsible for certifying mining product safety, RMI’s local manufacturing facility in Shanghai is now able to produce 15 different models of precision-built high-pressure pumps.

Joining the RMI team at CCME was Huw Dodds, RMI’s director for sales and service in Australia, who noted the strong interest in digitisation and automation in all aspects of underground mining. The four-day event showcased a wide range of mining fields from electromechanical and power to smart mining, instrumentation and processing. Also engaging their visitors at the RMI stand were staff members from the Beijing and Shanghai offices, as well as the company’s Inner-Mongolia-based service manager.

With its headquarters and factory in Manchester, United Kingdom, RMI exhibited with other members of the British industry association Abmec – reflecting the strong global appeal of the CCME. Dodds said that the mining sector in China is served by a strong local and international production base, which was constantly evolving to embrace the latest technologies.