As a long-time partner to customers in the mining sector, RMI Pressure Systems will be welcoming visitors to its exhibition booth at the US Coal Show Longwall Edition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 9 to 11 May, 2023.

The US Coal Show – previously the Longwall USA Exhibition & Conference – is the country’s leading conference for longwall mining, giving valuable exposure to RMI Pressure Systems’ century-old brand. According to Gary Punton, General Manager of RMI Inc, the product focus at the event will be RMI’s Quinmax S500 and the updated Trimax high pressure reciprocating pumps.

“We will be showcasing our long history of supplying high quality pressure pump systems to the longwall mining industry,” said Punton, “as well as the benefit to customers of our US-based warehouse and our manufacturing and overhaul facility – which boasts full load-testing capabilities.”

He noted that while metallurgical coal prices were more buoyant, segments such as lower grade steam coal were not as fortunate. Cost factors would therefore continue to maintain the industry’s focus on low capital and operating expenditure, while demanding trouble-free operation of equipment in longwall panels.

“With our latest technological, energy saving and cost-efficient solutions – backed up by our first-class aftersales service – RMI will use the US Coal Show as another valuable opportunity to grow our brand in this market,” he said.

RMI has for decades served the longwall sector with efficient and reliable pump stations and controls. These provide uninterrupted hydraulic power for roof support actuation, and are also used for water jetting for dust suppression.

With a product development and manufacturing hub in Manchester, England, RMI has operations in the US, China, India and Australia. It also serves markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Its in-house research and development capability drives the continuous innovation of its products and solutions.

RMI Pressure Systems will showcase their Quinmax S500 high-pressure reciprocating pump at the US Coal Show Longwall Edition in Pittsburgh

About RMI For companies in the mining and heavy industry sectors looking for quality, robust high-pressure pumping solutions, RMI Pressure Systems designs, manufactures and supports world class reciprocal pumps that last. Through stringent quality processes and extensive testing protocols, we produce pumps that give customers optimal uptime and life-long productivity. With over a century of engineering experience, we have the global expertise to ensure our customers of high-pressure pumping solutions and support that promote profitability and sustainability. Our high-pressure pumping technology delivers 95% energy efficiency and saves water. This aligns with the growing concern in our markets with environmental sustainability, supporting customers who are working towards lower resource consumption and reduced carbon emissions.